Delicious Family Dining at The Big Fish Grill

The Big Fish Grill | Issaquah

By Katrina Cameron, your Eastside Publisher Mom
Feb 23, 2017

“As a parent, there are days we just need one meal off. When work meeting after work meeting completely drains you or managing pick ups, drop offs, and extra curricular activities all the while keeping the well-oiled home and family life machine running day in and day out just wears you out, these are the times you think, “The last thing I want to do is cook another meal, especially one that makes everyone happy.” So you start to think of all the kid friendly restaurants your family can enjoy.

But this time you think, “I want to go somewhere special, somewhere really delicious, somewhere unexpected.” Where is this place? I’m here to tell you to put your phone down and consider this your Yelp review for the night. Go to The Big Fish Grill. And don’t think twice.

This was exactly how my day played out the night my family went to The Big Fish Grill at Grand Ridge Plaza in Issaquah Highlands. We needed the food to magically appear at the table and have the dishes whisked away when the meal was done never to be seen again, and we each wanted to fully enjoy our own food selections!

The lighting and ambience mellowed out my toddler and the TV-less dining area brought the attention back to the table before we broke bread. Both the family conversations and focus on my daughter’s kid’s menu coloring were the kinds of quality time and connection we needed to close up the long past few days.

To top it off, Steve, our server, was fantastic. He gave land and sea menu recommendations we could not refuse, with the exception of dessert which was not due to lack of interest, but simply because we did not have the post-dinner stomach space…”